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Aoi Kirishima
Anime Episode 01
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 桐島 葵
Name (Romanji) Kirishima Aoi
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 6
Blood Type B Type
Height 163cm
Weight 47kg
Measurements B84/W57/H87
Personal Status
Family Haruto Kirishima
School Unknown
Relationships Unknown Boyfriend
Seiyuu Takahashi Chiaki
First Appearance
Manga Chapters 80
Anime Episode 1: Pursuit
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Aoi Kirishima (桐島 葵 Kirishima Aoi) is the older sister of Haruto Kirishima.


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Aoi has long black hair that has bangs swept to the left side, brown eyes, a curvaceous physique and large breasts, just like the majority of the female cast.


Out of the two siblings, Aoi acts the least mature.


In Tokyo, Aoi lives in Ayano Fujikawa's dormitory where she is next door to Yamato Akitsuki. She is the one who shows Haruto a picture of when he first met Eba when they were children. She thinks that Haruto and Yuzuki make a better couple than with him and Nanami. She is a heavy smoker, extremely lazy, and leaves her room trashed, which usually results in Haruto doing most of her chores. Haruto lived in the dormitory with Aoi, until he got his own apartment.

Aoi came back home from college in Tokyo to student teach in order to get her teaching license.


  • The name Aoi means "hollyhock, althea" (葵).
  • Aoi's surname Kirishima means "paulownia" (桐) (kiri) and "island" (島) (shima).