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Asuka Mishima
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 御島 明日香
Name (Romanji) Mishima Asuka
Age 20 Year Old
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 18
Blood Type O
Height 157cm
Weight Unknown
Measurements B79/W56/H84
Personal Status
School Seijou University, Tokyo (College Student)
Relationships Haruto Kirishima (First Boyfriend Break-Up)
Seiyuu Ayane Sakura (Japanese)
First Appearance
Manga 80. Premonition of Love
Anime Episode 1: Pursuit
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Asuka Mishima (御島 明日香, Mishima Asuka) is a friend of Kyousuke Kazama where it was revealed that she really likes Haruto Kirishima and the two dated before breaking up.


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Asuka has has short black hair with bangs covering most of her forehead and sea-green eyes.

In terms of physical appearance, Asuka resembles Suzuka Asahina, from Seo Kouji's previous work, Suzuka.


Asuka tends to speak in Fukushima dialect when she gets excited. She is very self-conscious about the size of her breasts, and often compares them to other female characters.

She is also very snappy at first but later opens up to Haruto. She developed feelings for him and was his girlfriend after Yuzuki Eba left.  Asuka is very understanding of Haruto and forgives him even when he appears in compromising situations. Later on in the story Haruto meets Yuzuki againa and they rekindle their relationship prompting Haruto to break up with Asuka, leaving her heartbroken. However, Asuka moved on and forgave him in the end.


Asuka is Haruto's ex-girlfriend and classmate. She is also a friend and neighbor of Haruto's older sister, Aoi. She enters Haruto's life after mistaking him for a burglar and subduing him with a baseball bat. Originally from [Wikipedia:Fukushima|Fukushima]] and possessed of a loud and fiery personality, Asuka eventually develops a crush on Haruto; her feelings eventually get through and they begin dating. Asuka is a compassionate girl and is forgiving of Haruto's mistakes, such as when Haruto and Shiori Amaya were discovered walking out of a love hotel. Haruto is forced to explain what was he doing there, but he could not because Shiori has reasons to keep it a secret. Haruto then explains himself to Asuka and she forgives him, not asking about the details. Recently Asuka and Haruto have tried to make time to go on a trip together to move their relationship to the next stage but they have not been able to since Asuka had to return home to Fukushima to help with some family issues. Surprisingly, Asuka comes to Hiroshima to surprise Haruto, but discovers that he had gone to the summer festival with Yuzuki, where she had confessed to Haruto. After returning to Tokyo, the two break up.


  • The name Asuka means "tomorrow" (明日) (asu) and "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka).
  • Asuka's surname Mishima means "honorable, manipulate, govern" (御) (mi) and "island" (島) (shima).


  • The character design and name is likely a reference to Asuka Kazama from the Tekken series.
    • The character surname is likely derived from the Tekken series's Mishima family [[1]].