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Fuuka Akitsuki (秋月風夏 Akitsuki Fūka) is the main heroine of Fuuka, the sequel after Suzuka centered on her parents, Suzuka Asahina and Yamato Akitsuki, both series authored by Kouji Seo.

While she is skilled in track and field, she doesn't share her parents' love for sports and is more interested in music. When she enrolls in high school, she meets Yuu Haruna, whom she initially thinks is perverted due to an embarrassing encounter from their first meeting. However, she later befriends him and falls in love with him.

However, shortly after starting a music band with various classmates and confessing her love to Yuu, Fuuka is struck and killed by a truck as she was rushing to meet with Yuu and the band for a concert. Her death sends Yuu into a deep depression due to that they had just starting dating and her presence had a profound effect on him. But her death inspires him to continue her goal in becoming a famous band with their friends and they name band "Fallen Moon", which was her suggestion prior to her death in the mana.


She closely resembles her mother but with lighter blue hair.


Fuuka's character is described to be a combination of both of her parents' sharing her mother's short-temper and father's carefreeness, being able to make friends with everyone around her.


  • Her name Fūka (otherwise spelled as Fuuka) means "wind" (風) (fu) and "summer" (夏) (ka).
  • Her surname Akitsuki means "autumn" (秋) (aki) and "moon" (月) (tsuki).


  • She and her have made minor cameos in A Town Where You Live through both the manga and anime.
  • In the anime, her fate is altered in a different direction depicted as a good ending route.[1]