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Hayato Kasukabe (粕壁 隼 Kasukabe Hayato) is the main protagonist of the Goddess Café Terrace manga by Kouji Seo.



Hayato is shown to have a big ego and high confidence. He is straightforward, tactless, and rude; but is actually capable of holding back his emotions.

Despite that, Hayato could momentarily lose his composure when agitated and faced with unfavorable circumstances. He also initially did not like getting involved with other people's problems, finding them to be troublesome.

Despite his tactlessness and crudeness, he is knowledgeable enough in knowing what to say in specific situations when thrown at him, rarely giving up when trying to achieve a specific objective.


  • His character is derived from Haruto Kirishima in A Town Where You Live.
    • Both are serious hardworking characters on the fine line among the heroines.
  • He is considered the most academic talented among Seo's protagonists to the fact he enrolled nto Tokyo U in first try.[1]


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