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This article details a fictionalized version of a real corporate entity. For the real-world version of the company, see Wikipedia's article on the company.

Kodansha is a prominent manga-making company. Important titles include "Maineba", "Doroken", and "Anmega". Many of the company's titles, particularly those by Yagami Kazutake, have been considered interesting enough to be turned into dramas, anime, or movies. The company is also responsible for a number of manga that have been axed, including Kenzaki's favorite, "Traveling", a manga from before he was born.

Nearly all of the characters in the Hitman manga work for Kodansha as editors.


  • In real life, Hitman's author, Kōji Seo, has worked for Kodansha for over 20 years and has published all of his major works through them, including the Hitman manga itself. Additionally, many of his works have been published through Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine, which Kenzaki works with in the manga as well.