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Kyousuke Kazama
Anime Picture
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) Kazama Kyousuke
Name (Romanji) 風間 恭輔
Age 17 Years Old(Deceased)
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 5
Blood Type AB
Height 174cm
Weight 60kg
Personal Status
Relationships Haruto Kirishima (Friend/Rival)
Asuka Mishima (Friend)
Kiyomi Asakura (Childhood Friend)
Yuzuki Eba (Ex-Girlfriend)
Seiyuu Daisuke Ono
First Appearance
Manga 80. Premonition of Love
Anime Episode 1: Pursuit
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Kyousuke Kazama (風間 恭輔, Kazama Kyōsuke) is a friend of Asuka Mishima who becomes one of Haruto Kirishima's friends in Tokyo.


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Kyousuke has semi-long black hair that hangs on either side and dark-green eyes.

He is often seen wearing motorcycle shirts.


Kyousuke is a very fun-loving guy, especially compared to Haruto Kirishima. He often bothers Asuka Mishima about things that embarrass her, i.e. her speech dialect, etc. He likes motorcycle riding and hopes to one day become a professional, although this may not be possible because of a sickness he has. Asuka said that the sickness isn't fatal, but he still wouldn't be able to ride anymore if it worsens.


Kyousuke is Haruto Kirishima's classmate and friend who cherishes the exhilaration brought by riding his motorcycle. He afflicted by an unspecified illness which prevents him from fulfilling his future aspiration to race professionally.

As of chapter 89, it is revealed that he is Yuzuki Eba's current boyfriend, despite wanting to help Haruto win his girl back. After learning the truth, Haruto questions her motives and why she dumped him back then, and she tells him that she knew Kyousuke since middle school, but after Kyousuke confessed his love to her, she rejected him multiple times and moved to Hiroshima. After she moved back to Tokyo, Kyousuke confessed his love to Yuzuki to her again, only this time he revealed that he doesn't have much left to live, and wants to spend the little time he has with Eba.

He chose to take a risky surgical procedure, thinking that if he can live longer he can still spend more time with Eba and prove to Haruto that Eba will still choose him.

After Kyousuke's funeral, Eba, perhaps feeling guilty about inadvertently contributing to his death, tells Haruto that it is best that they never see each other.

Two years later, she once again crosses path with Haruto. With every chance encounter, it becomes more apparent that Eba still has lingering feelings for him. Recently Yuzuki confessed to Haruto again, and now they are forging ahead with a new relationship despite everyone's objections. Later on when Haruto moves to a place near Yuzuki's house to live they start meeting often but after hearing that Yuzuki's parents are Shifting to Nagoya Haruto visits her house and Yuzuki's father's sudden visits reveals their relationship despite Yuzuki's father trying to break their relationship Yuzuki leaves the house and starts living with Haruto.


  • The name Kyousuke means "respectful, polite" (恭) (kyou) and "help" (輔) (suke).
  • Kyousuke's surname Kazama means "wind" (風) (kaza) and "while, time, interval, space" (間) (ma).