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Megumi Matsumoto (松本 恵美 Matsumoto Megumi) is a soft-spoken, bespectacled 3rd year college student who lives in the Heights Bathhouse initially in the Suzuka series. She is often seen trying to reign in Yuka Saotome when she is drunk. Ironically, Megumi gets drunk easily, and in that state is even wilder than Yuka, leaving Yamato Akitsuki as the usual wrong end of the stick (in cases of often berating on how all men are perverts, accusing Yamato of staring at her chest, flashing him her naked breasts for no reason, and then slapping him for looking). She has expressed the desire to become married.


  • The name Megumi means "favor, benefit" (恵) (megu) and "beauty" (美) (mi).
  • Megumi's surname Matsumoto means "pine tree, fir tree" (松) (matsu) and "base, root, origin" (本) (moto).


  • The character name is likely a nod to Japanese voice actress Megumi Matsumoto.[1]


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