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Takashi Yura

Takashi Yura (由良 尊, Yura Takashi) is a mutual childhood friend of Akari Kanzaki and Haruto Kirishima.


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Takashi has short brown spiky hair and wears black glasses.


Takashi is a very perverted boy (as he tends to stare at girl's chests etc.), which is one of the main reasons why he can't get a girlfriend. Despite him acting stupid and being perverted, at important times he is also able to give good advice and be serious.

He also seems fond of Rin Eba's breasts.


Takashi is Haruto Kirishima's childhood friend who has a crush on Yuzuki Eba, which makes him jealous of Haruto because he lives with her. His first love was Aoi Kirishima even though she did not take him seriously. After finding about Rin Eba, he decided to give up on Yuzuki, but instead pursued her sister. Later, near the end of the summer, it was revealed that he confessed to and he was rejected by Rin.

Takashi goes to Seijo University along with Haruto, Asuka Mishima, Akari Kanzaki, Nanami Kanzaki and Kiyomi Asakura. It has showed that Takashi is seriously in love, or so he says, with Kiyomi Asakura and possibly Kiyomi feels the same way.

Takashi and Kiyomi are dating as of chapter 166.


  • The name Takashi means "honor, precious, valuable, priceless" (尊).
  • Takashi's surname Yura means "reason, case, cause" (由) (yu) and "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (ra).


  • His family has a dog called Musashi