Yamato Akitsuki

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Yamato Akitsuki (秋月 大和, Akitsuki Yamato) is the main protagonist of Suzuka. He moved from his home in rural Hiroshima to his aunt’s dormitory in Tokyo to change himself. There he meets the love of his life, Suzuka Asahina, the beautiful jumper at his high school who also happens to be his next door neighbor.


Yamato is clumsy and has a carefree attitude, which often gets him into comprising situations. He has an almost spineless attitude when it comes to defending his position on a subject when confronted and his need to apologize constantly when he thinks he did something wrong makes him a generally weak-willed character. When the need arises, he can become focused and determined.

He is exceedingly clueless when it comes to girls and their feelings which to leads to many misunderstandings in general. Added the fact that Suzuka is not your typical girl and would be hard for anyone to read compounds the problems the two face together.


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